L'Iperuranio - Postimpressionismo

I started in the summer of 2017 a collaboration with longtime friend Nicola aka L'Iperuranio aimed at building video content and promoting his upcoming album Postimpressionismo. Between videoclips, outtakes and acoustic sessions, the album is moving towards the light and into the stores.


Canto Libero is without a doubt the best Lucio Battisti performance on the market.
I have followed them for the previous 2018 Teatri Tour and photographed them for the whole year. For this tour, I am producing a serie of videos connecting the audience of now with the memories and emotions of the great Lucio Battisti, who passed away twenty years ago.


The Fireplaces - Live under New York

I have known the Fireplaces since I crashed into Caterino during Jake Clemons living room concert in 2014, and later for their support to the Light of Day foundation.
While they were touring New Jersey we took the chance and improvised a busking session in Union Square's L station.

The Eight Million Audience

The Eight Million Audience is a documentary project spotlighting music performers on the subway platforms of New York. Through a visual and audio voyage in the underground network of the city the project aims to unveil the life and talent of unrecognized musicians who perform every day in front of an audience of thousands.

Luca Ciut - Are dreams overvalued?

While Dancing with Maria's soundtrack was playing in screenings all across the globe, Luca took time off to play a secret concert in Ljubljiana's Daktari club. From an idea of Martina Marafatto we organized a quick intimate session that brought the lights, sound and orchestra of the big stage into a very intimate space.
Shot by Jorge Munchut, produced by Francesco Chiot and Martina Marafatto.

Francesco Chiot - Photographer

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