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Relation Is

09.11.2018 Casa Internazionale delle Donne, Trieste

A non obvious , non literal editorial introspection on the concept of Relation

by Francesco Chiot and Elisa Biagi

article by Michele Smargiassi for Repubblica about the exhibit
Exhibited Work

American Diary

09.10.2017 “American Diary” Personal Exhibition at Toro4 (Trieste), curated by Elisa Biagi 

American Diary is an inward and highly symbolic pathy that captures a definite moment of life: the time to get back in the game and start doing it instead of talking.
Doing is leaving, not running away. And so travel is just the best symbol to represent a precise moment, the moment of inner tumult between the comfort zone and an unknown future. A period of euphoria and troubles, failures and victories, of endurance, difficulty, and wandering. Doing is to leave home, your city, your affections, your job , but is also the obsessive search for those bricks to rebuild what you have left behind, in a new perspective, a tedious quest keeping the balance, and rebuild - or rather continue - a life .

Exhibited Work

Homesick Blues

07.24.2016 “Homesick Blues” Personal Exhibition at the Ace Hotel of New York, produced by Erik Schneider in collaboration with Lomography

05.17.2018  “Homesick Blues Personal Exhibition at CheBanca! , Trieste, produced by Mostra-MI Art
Exhibited Work


27.10.2016 MARIGRAM multimedia perfomance by Annie Wang, Mohammed Shika, Francesco Chiot, Zeyad Gohary and An Debie at BRIC, Brooklyn (NY) and on 6.11 at TriskelionArts, Greenpoint (NY)

Marigram is a dance and video exploration of the tidal structure of mass protests: approaching, flooding, receding. Inspired by personal connections to the 1989 protest in Tiananmen Square and the 2011 protest in Tahrir Square, Annie Wang and Mohamed Yousry will present intimate vignettes of their private memories set against the backdrop of these historical events. The dances are accompanied by an original footage by Francesco Chiot.

Exhibited Work

The Eight Million Audience

24.06.2016 - "Another Kind of Paradise" collective exhibition curated by Alison Morley,Elizabeth Kilroy and Darin Mickey , displayed at the Rita K. Hillman Education Gallery - School of the International Center of Photography (New York)

The Eight Million Audience is a multimedia project spotlighting music performers on the subway platforms of New York. Through photographs, audio recordings and interviews, the project aims to unveil the life and talent of unrecognized musicians who perform every day in front of an audience of thousands.
Exhibited Work

Quotidiano Percettivo

16.4.2012 "Quotidiano Percettivo" personal exhibition curated by Elisa Biagi, displayed at the ElsewhereArt festival in Parco San 
Giovanni (Trieste)
Exhibited Work



8.5.2013 "[IR]Reale" personal exhibition curated by Elisa Biagi, displayed at Corte Cafè (Trieste) and on 3.9 at Caffe Rossetti (Trieste)

When we talk about reality, what is naturally our mind is to define something in opposition, and in this case as opposed to what is imaginary or fictitious or what is distinguished from the dream, from the author.
[IR]REALE is a photographic project that blends the sphere of reality with that of irreality. It does it through a simple process, a click, a reflex, an IR lens that highlights what our eye normally does not see. Frames and subjects seen through a click: it's no dream, there is no fiction or construct, it's all exactly as we observe it. Every image is both real and unreal at the same time, real, because it is exactly the same to the photographer's eye, unreal because the perception of our eyes does not allow us to commonly observe the world in this dimension. "

Exhibited Work

Inside Out


Inside Out - L’Italia Sono Anch’io is a public collaborative art project that will relaunch, from Borsa Square in Trieste, the national campaign “L’Italia sono anch’io “ advocating for the right of italian citizenship for minors born from foreign parents, and for social and political partecipation without origin or nationality discrimination.

Trieste’s Municipality, together with Crema,Cagliari, Firenze, Milano, Palermo, Reggio Emilia, Sassari joins the Inside/Out project, featuring in the most prominent public spaces black and white portraits of citizens of every age and background, each with his own identity and history: a way to underline the importance of multicultural cities and the right for their inhabitants to be fully recognized citizens. The installation of the prints will happen at the same time in all the participant cities.

Inside/Out - L’Italia Sono Anch’io is the result of two important social and cultural projects: the art project “Inside/Out” by artist JR, international acclaimed street artist and 2011 TED Prize Winner, and the Italian campaign “L’Italia Sono Anch’io” started and promoted by Reggio Emilia’s Major Graziano Del Rio. Inside/Out is based on the active participation of citizens that want to express their concern about a topic or issue, through photographic portraits that the artist then transforms into large format black and white posters that the citizens themselves, with the help of volunteers, will put on the walls of their cities.

The project Inside/Out - L’Italia Sono Anch’Io has been supervised by the Culture Office of Trieste Municipality, and coordinated by architect Elena Carlini and art curator and photographer Elisa Biagi, together with photographers Giuseppe Anello, Francesco Chiot, Escapista, Alessandro Ruzzier, and Eleonora Cavallo on casting.

A fundamental help for the photographic sessions has been given by the Public Libraries Service at the Quarantotti Gambini Library, by association Andandes at the San Michele Public Garden, by association Manifetso2020 at the province’s office dedicated to the project Spazi Opportunita in via Roma.
Essential also the participation of all the citizens that posed for the portraits and spontaneously helped installing the photographs.

ABCM Agency in Milan, together with the group “Il Razzismo eÌ€ una brutta storia “ coordinate the nationwide effort.

Exhibited Work

Sulla sponda dell'Acheronte

13.5.2011 Sulla sponda dell'Acheronte - curated by SATOBOY Collective, displayed at Lumen Urban Factory festival (Salerno)
Exhibited Work

Uncomfortable Distance

9.6.2010 "Uncomfortable Distance" personal exhibition curated by Elisa Biagi, displayed at ExpoBuffet Franceschini (Trieste) and on 23.10 at X Portfolio Trieste and on 2.5.12 at Circolo Fotografico Fincantieri Wartsila
Exhibited Work

Foto dal finestrino

5.7.2011 "Foto dal finestrino" personal exhibition curated by Elisa Biagi, displayed at ExpoBuffet Franceschini (Trieste) 

Il viaggio, lo spostamento, la visione fugace sono temi che per Francesco Chiot sono radicati nell'infan- zia, nei viaggi di bambino con la famiglia, nella velocità dell'automobile. Visioni di chi può togliere lo sguardo da un punto di vista proiettato in avanti, per voltarsi e veder scorrere fotogrammi di realtà, per catturare istanti. "Io non salgo sul treno per guardare dal finestrino - la realtà-, ma salgo sul treno perché devo viaggiare". Chiot in questa serie "Foto dal finestrino" propone il punto di vista di un viaggiatore per necessità, lo sguardo fugace di un pendolare, di un uomo che gioco forza è costretto a misurarsi con la visione di un istante e non ha modo di fermarsi ad osservare. L'istante che lui si ostina a catturare su pellicola è un modo per catturare un qualcosa che lui stesso riesce a comprendere veramente solamente dopo, osservando la stampa.

Exhibited Work


9.6.2010 "Onèiros" personal exhibition curated by Elisa Biagi, displayed at ExpoBuffet Franceschini (Trieste)

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